100 hours outside

100 Hours Outside – Happier & Healthier Together!

Let’s get happier & healthier together!
Research shows that being outside and experiencing nature can improve our mental health and increase our ability to focus. ACCPF’s 100 Hours Outside Challenge is a summer challenge designed to help us disconnect from our devices and reconnect with nature and the outdoors. During the 45-day challenge, we encourage participants to explore new activities and develop healthy and sustainable outdoor recreation habits by tracking their daily outdoor activities.
Challenge yourself to get outside by making daily habit changes like eating lunch outside, taking a morning or nightly walk, reading a book outside, and doing backyard gardening, in addition to dozens of traditional summer outdoor fitness and recreation activities!
Participants are encouraged to join the 100 Hours Outside Challenge FB group for inspiration, details about planned meetups, and weekly challenges.

Visit the 100 Hour Outside webpage to learn more!

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Join the 100 Hours Challenge as an Explorer! Explorers receive access to the interactive tracking app & a collectible T-shirt.


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