The Outdoor Connection

Discover Educational Trailside Pop-Ups

This state-of-the-art trailside learning center engages thousands of youth throughout the valley at schools, community events, summer camps, and the Napa River Wetlands.

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Empowering Youth

Outdoor Connection programs provide impactful nature experiences that profoundly shape children’s lives. Programs help kids increase social connections, develop life skills, connect with nature, and increase confidence. Students are empowered to shape their future, address eco-anxiety, and gain exposure to science careers.

Environmental Science

Research consistently shows that interactive, hands-on learning experiences are the most effective for boosting student engagement and understanding. The Outdoor Connection provides hands-on, interactive learning that sparks the imagination, unlocks creativity, and enables students to make connections and apply their knowledge in the real world.

Mindfulness & Nature

People use art to enhance their well-being and draw attention to societal changes and issues. Combining nature art and mindfulness allows people of all ages to explore the natural world, create more profound meaning for themselves, and connect with others through understanding and sharing their artwork.

Protecting the Environment

The Outdoor Connection protects our environment by getting students and community members involved in hands-on learning about healthy ecosystems, water quality, plant and animal lifecycles, and the human impact on our surrounding habitats.

outdoor connection infographic
outdoor connection infographic

Connecting Youth with Nature