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Janelle Sellick

Executive Director

I joined ACCPF to help connect the community to our most precious asset - our parks, open space and trails

Andrea Long.jpg

Andrea Long

Program Coordinator

I joined ACCPF to help connect our community members with the outdoors and each other.

Joy Hilton.jpg

Joy Hilton

Education Coordinator

I joined ACCPF to get our kids and families outside and into nature, through family events and in class educational opportunities.

Scott T.jpg

Scott Thomason


I joined ACCPF because I believe its goals & mission will make American Canyon a better place for those who live here.  

Sean Hughes

Vice President

I joined ACCPF to help build a community I want to live in.

Gladys Milligan


I joined ACCPF to give back to the community

Crystal Mallare


I joined ACCPF to connect with my city, meet neighbors, and give back to American Canyon

Raffi Boloyan

Board Member

I believe that a healthy community embraces its parks and open space. I joined ACCPF to help American Canyon meet this goal.

Liz Corey

Board Member

I joined ACCPF to help kids foster a love of learning, the garden, and the outdoors.

Jaime Gallegos

Board Member

I joined ACCPF because the outdoors is important to me and my family.

Dr. Jeffery Nichelini

Board Member

It is a honor to serve ACCPF. I believe in its mission to get people outside.

Patricia Oro

Board Member

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking with my family. It’s an important part of who we are.

Matt Plate

Board Member

It's about building community together!

Creighton Wright

Ex Officio Member

American Canyon Parks & Recreation Director


We are always looking for people who want to join our organization to make a difference in our community. Whether you would like to become a member, volunteer, donor, sponsor, or even join our Board, we welcome you! Contact us to find out more on how to get involved.


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