As one of our most interesting and involved members, the ACCPF Board selected Hugh Marquez to be this month’s ‘Featured Member.’ Hugh had some great answers to questions about his lifestyle and values align with promoting programs, parks, and play in American Canyon.

ACCPF: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hugh: Walking my dog with my wife Michelle.

ACCPF: What is your favorite park or open space in American Canyon? Why?

Hugh: Northampton Park—for playing fetch with my dog Sparta and Wetlands Edge Park for the wildlife.

ACCPF: In your experience, what are the benefits you see to being outdoors?

Hugh: I feel that the benefits of being outdoors are that it clears your head of the chaos around us and allows you to see the beauty of our outdoors.

ACCPF: What would you like to tell future generations about parks and health?

Hugh: Our future generations should strive to preserve our outdoors and encourage each other to keep it clean.

ACCPF: Why did you decide to become a member of ACCPF?

Hugh: I decided to become a member as I use and value our outdoors and wanted to help in preserving and maintaining it. Also, I wanted to help in encouraging people to get outdoors and see the beauty and value of our parks.

ACCPF: What is your favorite ACCPF event/activity?

Hugh: My wife loved the American Canyon Falconry and I truly enjoyed the School Volunteer Day, but I am really looking forward to the Evening at the Ruins.