Meetups are Back! 

Eco Explorers


In this enriching outdoor science program, students will build their naturalist skills while investigating the biodiversity of American Canyon. Eco Explorers will learn how scientists observe and understand nature while having fun with activities that help them connect with the outdoors and learn about what makes our home unique.  This meetup will meet at the Napa Junction Family Resource center, then spend the day out in the wetlands.  Pickup will be back at the Family Resource Center. Come prepared for sun and fun outside!  Open the Flyer in English and Spanish.  Abra el folleto en inglés y español

Day 1 - Nature Exploration & Collection

Day 2 - All Things Water

Day 3 - Making Art With Nature


Ages: 7-11 

Dates: 8/1-8/3 

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Place: Napa Junction Family Resource Center and Wetlands Edge (500 Eucalyptus Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503)

Cost: $90 (Scholarships available)

Garden Science

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In this enriching outdoor science and art program, your Curiosity Kid will learn how scientists observe and understand nature while having fun. This class helps them connect with the outdoors through art and exploration.


Ages: 7-11 

Dates: 6/20-6/22 

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Place: Canyon Oaks School Garden

Cost: $90 (Scholarships available)

Curiosity Kids Videos

Each video is hosted by Miss Joy and is designed for kids to follow along and participate with little to no parent involvement. Start by bookmarking this page and having your kids watching the short 5-minute video series each week. 

Click on video below to watch it. Parents, you can download the list of supplies needed for the activity under "Activity Guide" below.  Each Monday a new video in the series will be released. 

Bakers & Makers 3:  Instructions Here 

Bakers & Makers 4:  Instructions Here

Bakers & Makers 1:  Instructions Here 

Bakers & Makers 2: Instructions Here