Curiosity Kids- Science In Nature Series  

Curiosity Kids is a new education series for elementary school kids designed to supplement distance learning. We are excited to introduce our first series focused on Science In Nature with fun activities that teach kids to "think like a scientist". 


Each video is hosted by Teacher Joy and is designed for kids to follow along and participate with little to no parent involvement. In the Science In Nature series, kids will create and write in a Nature Journal, plant seeds to watch roots grow, and hunt for rainbows in their own outdoor space.   Curiosity Kids gets kids excited about outdoor science and helps them to learn while having fun!   Future Curiosity Kids topics include Bird Watching, Cooking and more. 


Start by bookmarking this page and having your kids watching the short 5-minute Science In Nature series each week. Instructions and supplies list can be downloaded and most supplies are items readily found around the home. 

Click on video below for our first activity Making a Nature Journal. Parents, you can download the list of supplies needed for the activity under "Activity Guide" below.  Each Monday a new video in the series will be released. 

Activity Guide

Making A Nature Journal: Instructions Here 

Using Your Nature Journal: Instructions Here 

Root View Cups: Instructions Here

Rainbow Hunt : Instructions Here



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