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100 Hours Outside Challenge

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How It Works

Take advantage of the longer days & warmer weather of summer by taking the 100 Hours Outside Challenge! Science has proven that time spent in nature helps improve mood, reduces stress, improves your sleep among a host of other incredible benefits.  Let’s get healthier & happier together!


This FREE challenge is easier than you might think! During the course of the 45 day challenge, you need to record just 2.25 hours outside doing whatever YOU want! Complete the challenge by reaching 100 hours and you can win prizes thanks to our generous challenge sponsors.

Step 1: Register (Ages 13+)

Step 2: Download the App

Step 3: Go Outside!

Step 4: Track 100 Hours and Win Prizes

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Reading Outside

Let's Get Started

Let’s get started…set a personal goal, challenge your friends & family to join the fun, create a team & head outside!  To help you track your hours, we will be using the MoveSpring app to track your activities & minutes spent outdoors. Connect your Fitbit, iPhone, or other fitness trackers to track your active minutes, or use the app to enter your favorite activities!

Register Now! After registering, you will receive a link to download the MoveSpring app. Upload your information & follow along with motivational articles, daily challenges, and social opportunities to connect with fellow challengers!

Ages 13+

 Join ACCPF’s interactive challenge by downloading the challenge app to track your progress. Individuals reaching 100 hours outside by July 31st will be eligible for prizes, including an ACCPF eco tote, an ACCPF picnic blanket, or a HydroFlask Parks For All Cooler Cup.

Family Fishing

Ages 12 and Under

Our youngest participants are encouraged to track hours by downloading our coloring sheet to record their summer fun. Color one square for every hour spent outdoors. Bring completed sheets to the ACCPF table at Meet Me In the Street to pick a prize from our prize basket.

Thank You To Our Sponsors


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