About the Project

Our Vision

Educate. Protect. Connect.

The Napa River Ecology Center is an environmental and community legacy for the entire Napa Valley. World class environmental programs spark a connection between nature, art, and science while connecting diverse communities to nature.

Our Mission

Inspiring generations to build environmental curiosity, understanding, and respect for the natural world.

Meet the Team

The Napa River Ecology Center project is managed by a professional and dynamic team of architects, engineers, and managers. Learn more about our team below.

sunset over the wetlands

The History

In early Spring 2020, ACCPF dreamed about having a wetlands ecology center in American Canyon. After working with the City of American Canyon to identify a potential site, we started fundraising for the project at our September 2021 Evening at the Ruins benefit.

In 2021, planning and outreach began. ACCPF met with partners and community groups to better understand community needs. After raising $100,000 in seed funding, architect and engineering teams are hired.

In 2022 – 2023, community engagement began. Tabling, surveys, and community events gather input from residents on the project. ACCPF works with the City of American Canyon on agreements for repurposing the site. The city of American Canyon vacates the site.

“The City of American Canyon has long envisioned a ‘second act’ for the Corporation Yard. This primordial riverine location is ideally suited for public access, environmental education, and community use; all of which support the Community’s vision as ‘a destination for outdoor recreation and natural beauty.’ More importantly, the ‘Napa River Ecology Center’ anchors the lifeblood of the Napa Valley – hydrologically and metaphorically – to the wetlands of San Pablo Bay and beyond.

We are proud to partner with the American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation and fully support their efforts their efforts to bring dream to reality.”

Jason Holley

American Canyon City Manager

“The Napa River Ecology Center brings communities together around our most precious asset – the Napa River Watershed. Through environmental education and community programs we engage the next generation of environmental leaders who will grow up to care for and protect our beautiful Valley. I fully support and encourage the development of this visionary project.”
Leon Garcia

Mayor City of American Canyon

The Napa River Wetlands

The waters, wetlands, and uplands of the Napa River are part of an interconnected watershed system that begins at the north end of the Napa Valley at Mount St Helena, and drains into the San Francisco Bay. Before the 1850’s, San Francisco Bay had edges with extensive, miles-wide tidal marshes. By the 1950’s, nearly 85% of these marshlands had been diked or filled. The low-lying flood plains found in American Canyon include mudflats, tidal and seasonal wetlands, former salt ponds, riparian corridors, and lands reclaimed for agriculture and development.

The wetlands is home to many animals, including species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, and fish. For more about the Napa River Wetlands please visit the City of American Canyon’s Wetlands Page.