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100 Ways to spend 100 Hours Outside!

The idea of spending 100 Hours outside, in one month, can feel intimidating. Does it bring to mind a ten mile run or going for a mountain bike ride in Newell Open Space? It can be these things, but it can also be sitting outside with a cup of coffee or chatting with friends. Time outside is wonderful and much easier than you think. You can get your 100 hours outside by doing any of the wonderful things listed below! Don't forget to sign up for the ACCPF 100 Hours Outside Challenge to win fun prizes.

  1. Plant a garden

  2. Have a picnic

  3. Visit the Wetlands

  4. Spend an afternoon at a farmer’s market

  5. Take photos of nature

  6. Press flowers

  7. Slip in slide

  8. Fly a kite

  9. Go camping in the backyard

  10. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood

  11. Give the car a good wash

  12. Attend Meet Me in the Street!

  13. Go to a drive in movie

  14. Make DIY chalk paint, then decorate the driveway Instructions here.

  15. Learn how to do a cartwheel

  16. Go to the zoo

  17. Collect and paint pet rocks