100 Ways to spend 100 Hours Outside!

The idea of spending 100 Hours outside, in one month, can feel intimidating. Does it bring to mind a ten mile run or going for a mountain bike ride in Newell Open Space? It can be these things, but it can also be sitting outside with a cup of coffee or chatting with friends. Time outside is wonderful and much easier than you think. You can get your 100 hours outside by doing any of the wonderful things listed below! Don't forget to sign up for the ACCPF 100 Hours Outside Challenge to win fun prizes.

  1. Plant a garden

  2. Have a picnic

  3. Visit the Wetlands

  4. Spend an afternoon at a farmer’s market

  5. Take photos of nature

  6. Press flowers

  7. Slip in slide

  8. Fly a kite

  9. Go camping in the backyard

  10. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood

  11. Give the car a good wash

  12. Attend Meet Me in the Street!

  13. Go to a drive in movie

  14. Make DIY chalk paint, then decorate the driveway Instructions here.

  15. Learn how to do a cartwheel

  16. Go to the zoo

  17. Collect and paint pet rocks

  18. Pick wildflowers

  19. Sunbathe (with proper sunscreen of course)

  20. Outdoor activities

  21. Wash your car

  22. Play at a playground

  23. Go mini golfing

  24. Make DIY bubbles Instructions here.

  25. Set up an outdoor movie night

  26. Go stargazing

  27. Enjoy storytime outside

  28. Go watch the sunset

  29. Outdoor workout

  30. Go to a Park n Play event

  31. Go to Six Flags for the day

  32. Geocaching

  33. Look for shapes in the clouds

  34. Run through the sprinkler

  35. Watch the clouds

  36. Learn how to skateboard

  37. Attend a professional sports game (Go Giants anyone?)

  38. Go to a nearby beach

  39. Spend some time at the community pool

  40. Hug a tree

  41. Paint with nature

  42. Make s’mores

  43. Collect garbage at a beach or park

  44. Go to a National Park

  45. Learn a new outdoor sport

  46. Outdoor movie night

  47. Make homemade popsicles Ideas here.

  48. Have a water balloon fight

  49. Take an outdoor nap (in the shade)

  50. Tie-dye shirts, beach towels, shorts, dresses, sheets – anything!

  51. Have a bonfire

  52. Ride bikes

  53. Collect and identify the plants growing in your yard

  54. Walk out to glass beach and collect rocks

  55. Find an outdoor concert

  56. Play hopscotch

  57. Climb a tree

  58. Build an outdoor fort

  59. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

  60. Play with paint

  61. Have a BBQ

  62. Invite your friends over for the day

  63. Learn a new game outside

  64. Play hide and seek

  65. Play on a scooter

  66. Head up to wine country for the day

  67. Build a treehouse

  68. Water balloon fight

  69. Eat a meal outside

  70. Go for a walk

  71. Hula hoop

  72. Blow bubbles

  73. Go kayaking

  74. Have a lemonade stand

  75. Go horseback riding

  76. Volunteer

  77. Find constellations in the sky

  78. Perform a science experiment

  79. Play corn hole

  80. Meditate

  81. Make a time capsule

  82. Play catch with a ball.

  83. Go boogie boarding

  84. Celebrate the Fourth outside

  85. Float around in a pool

  86. Catch and release bugs you find in your yard.

  87. Do outdoor yoga

  88. Go bird watching

  89. Host a garden party

  90. Lay out in a hammock

  91. Write nice messages with chalk

  92. Find/host a garage sale

  93. Hang up some lights, put on music and have an outdoor dance party

  94. Make friendship bracelets

  95. Flashlight tag

  96. Go camping for a weekend

  97. Journal

  98. Paddleboard

  99. Have access to water? Go fishing

  100. . Take a hike in Newell Open Space

Three children, backs to camera, sitting on a rock while looking at the wetlands.

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