Heart Your Parks is a month-long celebration of arts and parks. This celebration combines the community's love of nature and art with exciting new ways to experience local parks and trails. The multi-faceted program is designed to encourage nature exploration as a means to improve physical and mental well-being.         HEARTS COME DOWN 2/28/21!

Heart Auction

21 artists were tasked with creating a "nature" themed heart to celebrate our community's love of parks. They each donated their time & talents to ACCPF for the creation of Heart Your Parks month.Proceeds from the online auction of the Heart Your Parks art will be used to fund future arts in parks programs through the American Canyon Community & Parks Foundation.

Heart Walk

Shenandoah Park & Community Park II

A display of oversized hearts created by local artists of all ages.. The nature/parks themed hearts can be found at two separate American Canyon parks. Talk a walk through the park & enjoy the temporary art exhibit. Click to print a  MAP  or HERE.  Learn about the Artist HERE . Tag us #ACHeartYourParks & #ACHeartWalk

Nature Art

American Canyon Parks & Trails

Art is everywhere! A leaf formation, a collection of rocks or an image drawn in the dirt are just some simple examples of nature art. Be on the look out for organic material hearts on your next walk or get creative and leave your own nature heart for some one else to discover.

Hearts & Soles

Wetlands Edge, Newell Open Space,AC Vine Trail 

A walk through nature is good for the heart & soul. Enjoy the added surprise of little heart tokens left along the trail to brighten your day. Find one of our hidden wooden hearts and share your find on social media to brighten someones day. Don't forget to tag us at #ACHeartYourParks 

Seek & Find

Various American Canyon Parks

Check out the cities' addition to our Heart Your Parks month with their seek and find scavenger hunt. Visit  the City of American Canyon website for more details.


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